Written by on October 31, 2016

Historic London Town & Gardens Invites Reflection

I could not have found myself at a more perfect place on a beautiful fall afternoon than Historic London Town & Gardens. My curiosity was immediately struck by the dark wooden structures you see upon approach– the reconstructed Lord Mayor’s Tenement, and the Carpenter’s Shop. These rugged buildings are an intriguing juxtaposition against the elegance of the original William Brown House, spotted in the distance by the waterside, both illustrating the architectural styles of the Colonial period despite their varying characteristics.

The carpentry tools, the household amenities, and the subtle details of daily life in London Town invite reflection. Whether you are a history enthusiast, craftsperson, home-maker, artist, or lover of the outdoors, a walk through these spaces and the majestic gardens satisfies a number of interests. I have never seen such a diversity of flowers and plant life in one place! Color year-round—“Even in the snow!”—as pointed out by the friendly staff inside the Visitors Center. The guides, gift shop, and museum are a great resource to answer any questions you may have and to customize your experience.


London Town is just close—and far away—enough for a relaxing exploration. Take the time to visit and see for yourself.

Lindsay Bolin Lowery has always drawn, written, and visually journaled the world around her. Graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art with honors, she has since been an artist at Art at Large, Inc., the studio of Sally Wern Comport. Specializing in illustration, design, public art, and large-scale graphic solutions, there is never a boring day on the job. When not at Art at Large, Lindsay creates for her art business LBo Craft – a culmination of a love for drawing, painting, photographing, documenting, and working with her hands to craft handmade things that celebrate hometown pride, nostalgia, and nature. You may also spot her behind the counter at Art Things from time to time; setting up an LBo Craft sale at Lowery’s Produce on the Eastern Shore; popping into HERE, a pop-up shop; or supporting the local art and music scene. Lindsay specializes in watercolor, drawing, and printmaking media. Check out LBoCraft.com to view Lindsay’s work or at artatlargeinc.com to check out the day job! Follow her on instagram and twitter @linds_lbocraft or LBoCraft on Facebook.

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