Behold the Beauty of May Day

By: Ann Powell

Just breathe… It’s springtime in Annapolis. Walk the charming streets and feel the surge of spring energy. Catch a whiff of salt air off the harbor, hear the call of the osprey just home from the south, see the tree buds pushing through the limb tips overhead. This is April in Annapolis—this mystifying mix of […]

April 23, 2018

Visit Historic Annapolis’ Sign of the Hogshead

By: Jamie Foster

You may have walked passed or even visited The Hogshead (43 Pinkney Street) in downtown Annapolis. This early 18th-century building is typical of the modest wood frame structures that housed many colonial Annapolitans. Today, it serves as an interactive, hands-on museum and historic landmark, offering visitors the opportunity to experience what life was like during […]

April 19, 2018

Ladies Who Shaped History: Women’s History Month Events

By: Katie Redmiles

March is Women’s History Month, and in honor of the many remarkable – and unsung – women in our nation’s history, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting Women’s History Month events in Annapolis: Shero Film Series at Banneker-Douglass Museum  Saturday, March 10 – 12-2:30 pm & 5-7:30 pm Inspired by Frederick Doulgass’ support of […]

March 09, 2018

Historic Markers are a Window to Annapolis History: Take a Self-Guided Walking Tour

By: Ann Powell

Living in an old house can teach you a thing or two about hard work, about grit and tenacity, about being part of a greater and more timeless world. The steward of a historic home has to really love it – the quirkiness, the nooks and crannies, the twists and turns of sharing life with […]

February 23, 2018

Frederick Douglass: The Wordsmith for Freedom

By: Lindsay Bolin Lowery

Frederick Douglass is a name you’ll be hearing quite often this year, as this month marks 200 years since his birth. Since he was born into slavery in Talbot County (approximately 40 miles east of Annapolis on the Eastern Shore), his actual birth date is unknown, but he would later claim February 14 to celebrate. […]

February 13, 2018

Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Celebration

By: Kat Spitzer

Born into slavery in Talbot County, MD sometime during 1818, Frederick Douglass grew to be an author, abolitionist, social reformer, and the first African American to hold a high U.S. government rank. His achievements still resound today throughout Maryland and the the country today. During the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Celebration (a state-wide, yearlong event), celebrate […]

February 12, 2018

Historic Winter Lecture Series in Annapolis

By: Ann Powell

You have options on a cold winter evening. You could stay home hibernating until the spring thaw, maybe catch a football game or binge on Netflix… OR… you could expand your horizons and venture out to attend some of the winter lecture series popping up around Annapolis. Annapolis offers plenty of great ways to assuage […]

January 26, 2018

Historic Hauntings Tour is Scary but Not Too Scary

By: Ann Powell

Some people will pay good money to be scared out of their wits. They go for the adrenaline jolt, the endorphin rush, the high of success that comes from being terrified and surviving it. Generally not a zombie seeker, I threw caution to the wind and tried the latest Special Historic Hauntings tour offered by […]

October 11, 2017

Meet Robert Clark: President & CEO of Historic Annapolis

By: Historian Annapolis

If you’ve ever been to Annapolis, you know of its bustling boutiques, waterfront views, and of course, its history. What you may not know is just how Annapolis has been able to preserve and maintain its historic charm since its establishment in the mid-1600s. One of the major reasons visitors still enjoy the city as […]

May 08, 2017

African American Heritage Tour Lends Perspective

By: Ann Powell

African American history in Annapolis is a story about much more than staggering numbers, chilling tales, or attention-grabbing facts. It is a story about human tragedy, individual fear and greed, and conditions of extreme suffering. It is also a story of hope, industry and perseverance. Like it or not, much of the early narrative of […]

February 03, 2017