Historic Hauntings Tour is Scary but Not Too Scary

By: Ann Powell

Some people will pay good money to be scared out of their wits. They go for the adrenaline jolt, the endorphin rush, the high of success that comes from being terrified and surviving it. Generally not a zombie seeker, I threw caution to the wind and tried the latest Special Historic Hauntings tour offered by […]

October 11, 2017

Meet Robert Clark: President & CEO of Historic Annapolis

By: Historian Annapolis

If you’ve ever been to Annapolis, you know of its bustling boutiques, waterfront views, and of course, its history. What you may not know is just how Annapolis has been able to preserve and maintain its historic charm since its establishment in the mid-1600s. One of the major reasons visitors still enjoy the city as […]

May 08, 2017

African American Heritage Tour Lends Perspective

By: Ann Powell

African American history in Annapolis is a story about much more than staggering numbers, chilling tales, or attention-grabbing facts. It is a story about human tragedy, individual fear and greed, and conditions of extreme suffering. It is also a story of hope, industry and perseverance. Like it or not, much of the early narrative of […]

February 03, 2017

Thank Goodness for the Treaty of Paris

By: Ann Powell

Can you imagine what it would be like today if the thirteen colonies had lost the Revolutionary War? There would be no United States, and we would be living under British rule. Sounds like the basis for a new Netflix original, right? Well, happily we don’t have to imagine that unfortunate outcome. The Treaty of […]

January 11, 2017

Eight Great Places to Soak up Historic Annapolis Attractions – For Free

By: Katie Redmiles

With the cooler temperatures and shorter days settling in, you may be tempted to cozy up in a blanket and stay home. Adding to that homebody inclination, perhaps you’re making a valid effort to stay within budget for the holidays. But I would argue that neither of these excuses is a good enough one to […]

December 02, 2016

Antique Lovers Take Note: John Shaw Furniture on Display in Annapolis

By: Ann Powell

Let’s face it: Annapolitans really like old stuff. And by old stuff, I mean antiques, which happen to be everywhere in historic Annapolis. If you’re a fan of American antiques, then make your way to the Hammond-Harwood House to see the collection of fine furniture made by John Shaw, Maryland’s most famous cabinetmaker. John Shaw […]

November 11, 2016

Take a Haunted Tour of Historic Annapolis

By: Adam Dahlgard

Instead of doing the usual American Halloween rituals this year – walking a haunted trail or watching horror movies – I opted to join Watermark’s Historic Ghost Walk in downtown Annapolis. I’m not one to actively search for a way to scare myself in celebration of All Hallow’s Eve, but I do love history, so […]

October 26, 2016

In Annapolis, Gone But Not Forgotten

By: Katie Redmiles

There’s so much history you can see in Annapolis. It’s in the architecture, the bumpy brick sidewalks and the plaques honoring a building’s old age. In a town lauded for its historic preservation, it can be fun to recognize all that has disappeared…or, in certain cases, simply been hidden from view—or moved to a new […]

October 12, 2016

A Tour for the Architecturephiles

By: Donna Cole

When you think about what makes a city unique or what defines its look, its character, its je ne sais quois, there is perhaps nothing more important than its architecture. Okay, maybe food, but certainly architecture is one of those things we think of when we think of a place. Miami = art deco. Palm […]

July 15, 2016

Commander-In-Chief Resigns: Government Reorganizes!

By: Ann Powell

See that white dome on the Annapolis skyline? It almost looks like a layered wedding cake, right? Well, that dome is the top of our Maryland State House, where the Commander-in-Chief really did resign. Here you can witness four centuries of some pretty amazing history. It’s easy to visit this inspiring building. The State House […]

May 18, 2016