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Ann Powell loves living on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and boating with her large family. A former attorney and graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law, she counts among her hobbies photography, gardening, tennis, water skiing, traveling, and reading with her book club. She and her husband belong to the Annapolis Yacht Club and the Sailing Club of the Chesapeake, and Ann is a past President of the Four Rivers Garden Club, a ninety-year Annapolis institution. A nearly-native Marylander, Ann has lived in the same home in Annapolis for more than three decades. She loves sharing with readers the details of life on and around the Chesapeake Bay. Contact her at annpowellannapolis@gmail.com.

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Discover the Historic James Brice House

Thirty-five happy years ago I met my husband. We worked together at a Maryland real estate firm where, early on, I noticed a framed snapshot in his office. In the amateur photo, my youthful future spouse posed in sporty 1980s attire beside his little BMW sedan on East Street in Historic Annapolis. Behind him loomed […]

March 06, 2017

African American Heritage Tour Lends Perspective

African American history in Annapolis is a story about much more than staggering numbers, chilling tales, or attention-grabbing facts. It is a story about human tragedy, individual fear and greed, and conditions of extreme suffering. It is also a story of hope, industry and perseverance. Like it or not, much of the early narrative of […]

February 03, 2017

Thank Goodness for the Treaty of Paris

Can you imagine what it would be like today if the thirteen colonies had lost the Revolutionary War? There would be no United States, and we would be living under British rule. Sounds like the basis for a new Netflix original, right? Well, happily we don’t have to imagine that unfortunate outcome. The Treaty of […]

January 11, 2017

Antique Lovers Take Note: John Shaw Furniture on Display in Annapolis

Let’s face it: Annapolitans really like old stuff. And by old stuff, I mean antiques, which happen to be everywhere in historic Annapolis. If you’re a fan of American antiques, then make your way to the Hammond-Harwood House to see the collection of fine furniture made by John Shaw, Maryland’s most famous cabinetmaker. John Shaw […]

November 11, 2016

Plenty to See and Do this Fall at Historic London Town and Gardens

I know—you’ve heard of it, but what is it really? Historic London Town and Gardens is a 23-acre waterfront park and museum situated on a bluff overlooking the South River near Annapolis, Maryland. The site includes a historic brick mansion, a recreated early colonial village, an archaeology lab, a visitor’s center, a lovely event venue, […]

October 18, 2016

The Maryland World War II Memorial Inspires Awe

Awesome. adj. Inspiring admiration; imposing; outstanding; very impressive. An overused word, to be sure, but awesome perfectly describes the Maryland World War II Memorial. Stand at the center of this granite amphitheater near Annapolis, and you too will feel the awe inspired by the stately and timeless Memorial. The Memorial Overlooks Annapolis Dedicated in 1998, […]

September 08, 2016

Living History in the William Paca Garden

“Soon as I’m done with this row, I’ll set down my hoe and settle down on the grass a bit. These salad greens are coming along, but the weeds do grow everywhere. Maybe we’ll get some good squash to feed Mr. Paca and all of us who work for him. It’s warm today—I’ll just draw […]

August 04, 2016

History Stands Tall at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse (38°53’56” N 76°26’9″ W)

It’s hard to remain standing in one place for 141 years. Strong wind and waves could knock you down. You could float away on an ice floe. Your metal beams could rust and your screwpiles could pull away from the ground beneath you. Or, in the end, someone could take pity on you and move […]

June 28, 2016

Commander-In-Chief Resigns: Government Reorganizes!

See that white dome on the Annapolis skyline? It almost looks like a layered wedding cake, right? Well, that dome is the top of our Maryland State House, where the Commander-in-Chief really did resign. Here you can witness four centuries of some pretty amazing history. It’s easy to visit this inspiring building. The State House […]

May 18, 2016

Walking through Four Centuries: A Historic Tour of Annapolis

You can time travel in Annapolis—that’s what we did recently on a sunny February afternoon. Our energetic tour guide “Squire Tony” teleported us through history on a Four Centuries Walking Tour, a narrated jaunt around Annapolis that was chockful of historic detail.

April 16, 2016